Special Art Effects gets Goked!

For series 6 How to Look Good Naked…With a Difference Gok enlisted the help of SAFX.

For this exclusive series, Gok explored the world of disability with Di, a 54-year-old woman who is blind.  Gok wanted Di to get a better sense of her actual body shape through her sense of touch and asked SAFX to create a fiberglass body cast.

Paul and Laura spent a day with the wonderfully charismatic Di, life-casting her entire body. The cast also included her head and hands to complete Di’s entirety. It also gave an opportunity to experiment with the life-casting material Lifeform, a silicone life-casting supplied by Mouldlife: www.mouldlife.co.uk During the mirror sequence Gok introduces Di to her life-cast body in order that she could get a sense of her physical body proportions.



Title: ‘Lewis’

This sculpture challenges the identity of celebrity, by using the iconic image of Lewis Hamilton and faithfully recreating his biometrics. Although for most people the immediate familiarity has been lost, by enlarging the scale by six times, fragmenting the portrait and disguising its originality (the seam lines suggest a plaster cast taken from part of an ancient monument).  A degree of contemplation is inevitably required to fully understand this piece. (Material: Plaster)

New Horizons

Paul and Laura have recently become members of the London Group having been nominated for membership in 2009 by their long-time friend and fellow sculptor Professor Eric Moody.

Paul and Laura are very excited about becoming members of the London Group as this gives them the opportunity to exhibit there own work on a regular basis. They participated in the London Group last annual exhibition, exhibiting a new piece of work called ‘Lewis’ that explored the physical dynamics of celebrity recognition and scale.

Paul and Laura are the first joint members of the London Group representing the recognition of artists that permanently work in collaboration. The London Group is made up of over 80 artists’ painters, sculptors, photographers, video and installation artists etc. which makes for interesting and diverse exhibitions: www.thelondongroup.com