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Special Art Effects gets Goked!

For series 6 How to Look Good Naked…With a Difference Gok enlisted the help of SAFX.

For this exclusive series, Gok explored the world of disability with Di, a 54-year-old woman who is blind.  Gok wanted Di to get a better sense of her actual body shape through her sense of touch and asked SAFX to create a fiberglass body cast.

Paul and Laura spent a day with the wonderfully charismatic Di, life-casting her entire body. The cast also included her head and hands to complete Di’s entirety. It also gave an opportunity to experiment with the life-casting material Lifeform, a silicone life-casting supplied by Mouldlife: www.mouldlife.co.uk During the mirror sequence Gok introduces Di to her life-cast body in order that she could get a sense of her physical body proportions.