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Laura Carey FRSA, FDG


Laura Carey is a classically trained, figurative sculptor who graduated from City & Guild School of Art. Whilst there she won the F.M. Allen Drawing Award and the Mervyn Peake Commission. Following her training she was successful in winning 1st prize for best graduate awarded by Madame Tussaud’s Studios who offered her a freelance position as portrait sculptor, she went on to complete thirty prestigious portraits, such as Michael Caine, George Orwell and Willy Wonka (approved by Roald Dahl, later to be acquired by Michael Jackson).

Laura partnered with Paul Carey to pursue free-lance projects that included commissions from the Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum (the ‘Bomb to the Beatles’ exhibition) and The Fashion Café (London, Mexico & Dubai) sculpting 2.135 metre caryatids as part of the bar decoration and structure. Other projects include privately commissioned portraits, commercials, television series and films.

Following her time at Tussaud’s, Laura maintained her artistic education with a P.G.C.E. in Art & Design, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine and Decorative Art from Christies Education, and an M.A. in Museum and Gallery Management from City University, among other post graduate qualifications in relation to dyslexia.  After pursuing her interest in dyslexia & art she was awarded her specialist Post-Graduate Diploma in 2003 enabling her to assess for dyslexia and provide specific support to dyslexic individuals of all ages.  In February 2019 she was made a Fellow of the Dyslexia Guild.  This status has been conferred based on substantial qualifications, educational and professional experience and significant achievement and contribution in this field. It has been awarded after demonstrating an outstanding level of commitment to advancing standards and best practice.

In 2009 Laura and Paul became collaborative members of the London Group and regularly exhibit their fine art work in group exhibitions. Laura was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2016.

Paul Carey FRSA


Paul Carey began his career as a figurative sculptor  and for over twenty-five years he worked for Madame Tussaud’s Studios in London; it was they who funded his art education at City & Guilds School of Art. Whilst at Madame Tussaud’s Studios Paul diversified and researched  elastomeric materials in collaboration with Brunel University, for animatronic creatures and portraits, developing complex mould systems and learning new methods in synthesising polymers for realistic prosthetic skins.

With such a diversity of skills Paul naturally branched into the field of film and television, creating special figurative effects for films such as The Mission, 1984 and Full Metal Jacket, along with many others.  For television he has created numerous figurative effects and an array of forensic effects for crime series.  Other clients include work for contemporary artists, such as the Chapman Brothers in addition to private commissions.

Paul has ventured into many different areas expanding his skill set for example: animatronic projects, material research for the development and prototyping for interactive medical models. Paul sees the research and development of medical models as an extension of his figurative work, as the principles of human anatomy and aesthetics are carried through internally as externally.  He has collaborated with surgeons & medics on a range of model development projects.

Paul has lectured in universities & art school for over twenty years.

In 2016 Paul was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). Being a Fellow of the RSA means that both Paul & Laura have access to the brightest new ideas, innovative projects, a diverse network of like-minded people and a platform for social change.