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The Ultimate Performing player

Who is the ultimate player?  With the help of Special Art Effects, Castrol have created a ground-breaking hybrid player formed of the constituent parts of the world’s best players:

LEGS: Cristiano Ronaldo

LEFT FOOT: Lionel Messi

RIGHT FOOT: Thierry Henry

ARMS: Rory Delap

HEIGHT: Peter Crouch

HANDS: Julio Cesar

STAMINA: Michael Ballack

Taking this age-old debate at face value and applying the expertise of Paul and Laura Carey a life-sized waxwork sculpture of the Ultimate Player has been realised.  As Alan Sheera affirms, the project lets fans get more involved, offering a revolutionary insight into the beautiful game.


This project was a huge challenge for Paul and Laura as it through up all sorts of conflicts in creating such an unsual piece particularly in the area of the portrait, ‘how do you structure a portrait with so many different conflicting features’? (that don’t naturally blend together). The figure was also complicated as it has the height of Peter Crouch and limbs of players less taller, so the natural proportions would not appear anatomically correct. The pose of the figure had to also reflect the Ultimate Player’s strength and ability balanced on one foot showing complete control of the ball.

The ultimate player has started his journey in South America and will be moving to South Africa for the world cup.  Watch out for the Ultimate player, he’s on tour after the World Cup!

Ultimate Performing Player

Sven Goran-Eriksson unveils the Ultimate Performing Player