One Response to “Gossip: Post COVID”

  1. Gossip: Post Covid by Laura Carey

    To be free at last to make human and social contact, to physically communicate, we have missed so much and lost so much, but are now finding what we loved so much. A great deal to talk about, reflect on and to swap. Instagram and Twitter, totally redundant here and have no relevance to the most stimulating forms of communication, this endorsed by the expression of true happiness across their faces.

    Gossip: Post Covid is one of several studies Laura has made dealing with this particular subject exploring the physical dynamics and body language that exists between two people. This version is of two gossiping ladies, Martha and Mae exuberating tremendous enjoyment in being together at last. The close friends who had missed each other are now both free from the long periods of confinement and who have found themselves the other side of the pandemic.